CIBOS aims to disrupt technology innovation in Greece, Europe and beyond. As a spinoff company of ICCS, it capitalises on an extensive know-how and expertise of a team of more than 100 researchers, scientists and engineers. It aims to hand-pick cutting edge innovations of the group that show a greater market potential and lead them to commercialisation. CIBOS aims to contribute to the new Economy of Platforms and create cutting edge products and services around digital platforms that will support a number of economy sectors in their digitisation and transformation into the new Industry 4.0 era.

Application Domains


Pick-By-Vision for warehouse logistics

Boost your warehouse operations using our Pick-By-Vision solution. Completely hands-free operation for scanning and order completion, with step-by-step guidance for the picking staff so that errors and accidents are minimised and efficiency is improved.

WebVR platform for training personnel in health and safety regulations

Cross-platform solution for training your personnel in occupational health and safety regulations in your work environment. Works in web, mobile and most VR casks. Easy management of training courses and assessment of groups or individuals using real-life scenarios and environments.

Electromobility platform

Visualisation, remote monitoring and control of your charging stations and other emobility assets (OCPP 1.6 supported, 2.0 upon request). Booking, billing and contract management services. Pay-as-you-go charging supported through QR and NFC. Cross-platform, intuitive mobile app for your EV users.

ActiveCitizen Platform

Crowdsourcing platform that can be customised according to your organisation’s needs for data collection, ideation and collective decision making. Tailored campaign management tools, intuitive data visualisation in georeferenced maps, analytics and data filtering for handling large data volumes. Specialised plug-ins for improving engagement and data quality. Chatbot and social media plug-ins possible.

Contact Details

Zan Moreas 40, 11745, Athens, Greece