Pick By Vision

Increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations, replacing your legacy scanning process with our lightweight and versatile smart glasses application. Our completely hands-free solution gives your picking staff all the necessary information at a glance. It offers step-by-step guidance for completing the orders flowing from your Warehouse Management System. Voice-triggered and button-triggered operation is supported. Using our smart application, your warehouse and distribution centre may achieve zero defect operation, with improved efficiency and less strain and workplace accidents for your staff.

Pick By Voice

Transform your warehouse operations with our revolutionary Pick by Voice solution, designed to optimise efficiency and accuracy. Embrace a fully hands-free operation and a high accuracy voice recognition technology, which will help you achieve seamless and precise order picking while streamlining processes for flawless execution. You can expect to eliminate the occurrence of errors and accidents with the provision of guided, step-by-step verbal instructions to your picking staff.