ActiveCitizen Suite

ActiveCitizen Suite is a platform that leverages data collection from citizens. It is a tool for public or private organisations, that wish to engage their community in collecting information for a topic of common interest. This may be the state of pavements, roads or public spaces, climate change impacts (temperature, humidity, noise, air pollution), or mobility data e.g. regarding parking spaces, e-charging stations etc.

The platform may support structured discussion groups as well as ad-hoc ideation. Citizens can identify an issue of common interest and ‘pin’ it on the map. Local authorities may use our platform to create campaigns for data collection, correlating them with specific areas of interest or in wider scales.

Our features

  • Pin ideas, notes, photos, measurements on a map

  • Campaign creation and management

  • Engagement features: badges, stickers, user spot collection

  • Various access levels (private groups, all-in)

  • User routes, historical locations

  • Data cleansing, filtering and analytics

Upcoming features

  • Social media plugins

  • Review of data from other community members

  • OTP for non-registered users