About us

CIBOS VISION is to disrupt technology innovation in Greece, Europe and beyond. As a spinoff company of ICCS, it capitalises on an extensive know-how and expertise of a team of more than 100 researchers, scientists and engineers.

from its wide range of R&D activities, selected innovations that show a greater market potential, leading them to commercialisation.

to contribute to the emerging Economy of Platforms and create cutting edge products around digital platforms, supporting a number of verticals towards their digital transformation for the Industry 4.0 era.

Meet our Team

Evangelia Latsa
Evangelia LatsaCEO
MSc Business Administration,
20+ years as CEO in group of companies in the Shipping, Logistics and Tourism sectors.
Athanasia Tsertou
Athanasia TsertouCTO
PhD in Elec. Engineering, 13+years experience in R&D management and embedded devices industry.
Panagiotis Lytrivis
Panagiotis LytrivisCIBOS Partner
PhD in Elec. Engineering, 12+years experience in R&D project management in ITS and automotive projects.
Angelos Amditis
Angelos AmditisCIBOS Partner
PhD in Elec. Engineering, MBA, 20+ years as I-SENSE Research Director, technical coordinator of 20+ automotive and mobility projects, President of ITS Europe, OASA Vice-President.
Evangelia Portouli
Evangelia PortouliCIBOS Partner
PhD in Mech. Engineering, E-mobility expert, 20+years in R&D projects in Transport sector.
Ioannis Karaseitanidis
Ioannis KaraseitanidisCIBOS Partner
PhD in Elec. Engineering, VR/AR expert, Technical Manager of I-SENSE group, 15+years in R&D projects
Fay Misichroni
Meng in Elec. Engineering, 15+years in Software development and R&D projects