Whether you are a Charging Point Operator, or a company offering electromobility services, EVerywhere is your digital business partner to support your network and clients. Our platform offers a complete and real-time overview of your physical assets, so that you may monitor and remotely control your Charging Points, access charging sessions data in real-time and with one click, as well as provide seamless billing services to your registered or pay-as-you-go users.


Cars are increasingly equipped with dozens of sensors, smart systems and technologies, as an integral part of the Internet of Things and the Internet of Mobility ecosystem. Current technology is readily available to transform cars into the digital assistant of the new ‘prosumer’ persona, that will request to make a tolls transaction, charge in the EV charging point, pay the parking bill, subscribe to infotainment services, pay for its maintenance and repair, gain credit for storing energy. Our solution capitalizes on DLT and our team’s background in CCAM to design a CarWallet that will support fleet operators and car OEMs to transform their vehicles into autonomous actors of data and value transactions.

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