Beyond its experience with automotive actors, CIBOS has the aim of transferring the team’s long history in Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) in other unmanned systems, including cargo Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). It gained significant traction in 2021, when it was assigned by Pyletech Technologies the ambitious research and innovation project of the design of a UAV, able to transfer heavy loads (100-150 kg) over long distances. In this project, CIBOS capitalises its long track record and expertise in CCAM, and collaborates with FADA-CATEC, a top Spanish research institute with a view to shaping the future in automated cargo deliveries.


Cars are increasingly equipped with dozens of sensors, smart systems and technologies, as an integral part of the Internet of Things and the Internet of Mobility ecosystem. Current technology is readily available to transform cars into the digital assistant of the new ‘prosumer’ persona, that will request to make a tolls transaction, charge in the EV charging point, pay the parking bill, subscribe to infotainment services, pay for its maintenance and repair, or gain credit for storing energy. Our product roadmap aims to leverage DLT technology and our team’s background in CCAM to design a CarWallet that will aid fleet operators or OEMs transform their vehicles into independent transaction actors.

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