Pick Βy Voice

Enhance your warehouse operations with our Pick by Voice solution.

Enabling efficient and error-free order picking whilst optimizing processes and ensuring flawless execution.

By utilizing Pick by Voice, you can transition to a completely hands-free operation for picking and order completion, reducing the likelihood of errors and accidents. This innovative solution provides step-by-step guidance to your picking staff, leading to increased efficiency and improved overall performance.

Our product features

  • Precise verbal guidance for locating items to pick.

  • Ability to identify barcodes or use custom product codes with voice commands.

  • Optional functionality of barcode scanning using a peripheral Bluetooth device.

  • Quick integration with your Warehouse Management System through REST APIs.

  • Flexibility to adapt to your unique workflows.

  • Multilingual support for various languages such as English, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and more.

  • Minimum startup costs and rapid personnel onboarding.

  • Hands-free picking using a headset and a mobile phone or rugged PDA.

Our competitive advantages

  • Complete offline functionality (no Internet connection needed).

  • High level of voice recognition accuracy.

  • Seamless integration with any WMS system.

  • Clear step-by-step instructions and prompts.

  • Compatibility with various Bluetooth-connected devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and headsets.

  • Improved situational awareness, reduced strain, and minimized accidents.

  • Persistent configuration per user.

  • Automated software update mechanism for hassle-free maintenance.