Pick By Vision

Boost your warehouse operations using our Pick By Vision solution.

Order picking accounts for more than 50% of a warehouse’s operational costs, so efficiency and zero-defect operation are key.

Pick By Vision offers you completely hands-free operation for scanning and order completion. It has a step-by-step guidance for your picking staff, so that errors and accidents are minimised, and efficiency is improved.

Our product features

  • Hands-free warehouse picking on COTS smart glasses

  • Seamless barcode or QR code scanning

  • Voice-or button-triggered commands and guidance

  • Effortless integration with your WMS

  • Integration with ring-scanners or other devices for low shelves and poor accessibility areas

This product is the result of a partnership with Optimum, a company of the EnterSoft Group

Our competitive advantages

  • 100% ergonomically improved, hands-free picking

  • Close to Zero Defect operations

  • Step-by-step instructions and prompts

  • No recharging required within shifts

  • Integration with any Bluetooth-connected device, e.g. ring scanner for low shelves or other inaccessible points

  • Better situational awareness, less strain, reduced accidents

  • Persistent configuration per user

  • Seamless Integration with your WMS

  • Automated software update mechanism